The New Hill Community Association, Inc. is an alliance of neighbors in the historic community of New Hill, North Carolina.  

Our mission is to preserve and sustain the unique quality of life in our area by facilitating interaction between citizens.

The New Hill Community Association elected the following officers at the meeting on January 30, 2014.

The new officers are:

President: Dan Brubaker

VP: Sonny Rad

SEC: Rick Ross

Treasurer: Shirley Rodaway

Other Board Members: Loretta Young and Rev. James Clanton





New Hill Oral History Book

The Second Edition of the New Hill Oral History book is ready. It has expanded to 150 pages, with more interviews and pictures than the previous version, four years ago.

The price is $20 plus $5 to cover postage.

You can mail a check for $25,  with your return address to:

New Hill Community Association
P. O. Box 68
New Hill, NC 27562

There are 5 2-sided pages in the back of the book that are possible to print in color, which would cost an extra $4. If you would like yours with those pages in color, please specify that, and include your check for $29 plus postage.